ACEC's presence at COP28: Amplifying clean energy narratives

During COP28, Alex Perera, Deputy Director of the Global Energy Program at WRI, and a key member of ACEC's Senior Leadership Team, actively represented ACEC, elevating its profile and engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders. Participating in sessions like the 'Global Coalition of High-impact Corporate Sourcing' and 'The Vietnam Business Forum', ACEC's presence was notably acknowledged in various panels.


The pivotal role of the private sector in shaping the future of clean energy was underscored. Mentioned in several panels attended by Alex, ACEC's dedication to fostering sustainability and decarbonization within the private sector received well-deserved recognition, emphasizing ACEC’s influential stance in shaping clean energy narratives. 


Strategic engagements with key stakeholders, including the Global Renewables Alliance (GRA) and Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC), highlighted ACEC's alignment with other crucial initiatives. ACEC showcased the coalition's commitment and role in shaping energy policies at the government level, emphasizing our active participation in global energy conversations.


Furthermore, ACEC's interactions with potential Associate Members at COP28 generated substantial interest, reflecting a growing curiosity in ACEC's capabilities. These engagements highlighted the coalition's potential to deliver impactful solutions and support efforts to unlock renewable energy in Asia. ACEC remains at the forefront of this agenda, driving positive change and fostering sustainability for a cleaner future in the region.