About us

In the Asia-Pacific region, there is a strong appetite to invest in renewables – with an estimated $1.3 trillion in investments in renewable energy capacity expected by 2030 – double that of the previous decade. The existing power systems of the region are heavily reliant on coal, gas and other fossil fuels. In Southeast Asia in particular, under current Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) policy settings, solar and wind’s share of the power mix will only scale up to 11% by 2030 – far below the potential for the region and inadequate to meet global and national decarbonisation goals.  

The Asia Clean Energy Coalition (ACEC) was established in 2022 to convene a coalition of world-leading renewable energy buyers in Asia, in collaboration with sellers and financiers, to strategically shift policy in key Asian national and regional markets. For governments across Asia seeking capital investment, energy security, and sustainable economic growth, ACEC provides strategic advice based on real demands, and guidance informed by regional and international best practice. For non-government actors seeking to promote renewable electricity in Asia, ACEC is an expert hub for strategic communications and policy coordination, helping to maximise impact.